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My #0hgame entry 2013 – Blockz


Hi, last weekend i’ve joined the #0hgame, your goal is to develop any kind of game within 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds. How? Simple, during the time switch to winter time on 2am till 2am I had much fun doing it, and the hour development time went pretty fast haha. So here is […]


Raspberry Pi Home Controller #1


Today i’ve started expirimenting with my Raspberry PI (or RPI for shot). My goal with this mini- computer is to make it an little homeserver that can enable disable my room lights and open and close my window. Also i want to make a kind of visial alarm because when iam busy with developing websites […]

Ludum Dare #27, i’am in, again!


Hi All, Again, i am in into the LD27 event at August 23rd-26th weekend. I’ve enjoyed the last time i joined the event (Ludum Dare #26) and here is the result. Again, here are the rules to join the event: 1] You must work alone (solo). 2] All game code and content must be created withing 48 hours. 3] Games must be based on […]

JavaScript 3D Sphere particles


  Hi Again, A few weeks ago i was playing with particles in JavaScript on Canvas. I wanted to create something in 3D, and here is my result! You can download the sourecode from my GitHub page. Feel free to do everything you want to do with this code

HTML5 + JAVASCRIPT, Canvas demo


Hi A few days ago i was messing around with the HTML5 tag ‘canvas’. I made a little demo with blue blocks that ‘eat’ the smaller blocks. Kinda like the android game osmos. You can find the demo here: Oh.. the first few seconds are pretty slow with drawing

Finished my Ludumdare 26 game!


Hi, Two weeks ago i submitted my game, but forgot to place the game on my blog. So here it is! Theme: MiniMalism LD Submit page: Game: Soure Code: Screencast (6 hours): If you have played the game, let my know what you think about it !

Livestream my desktop using Twitch.TV

Hi All Finally i got the livestream working, there is still a small problem with my audio that you can’t hear But my desktop is visible! I’ve using this shells-script code (using ffmpeg on ArchLinux). I’m planning to extend this code so it create’s a local copy of your broadcast. 1 2 3 4 5 […]

LudumDare #26, I’m in!


Hi Everyone, The Ludum Dare #26 compo starts over 16 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes and 10 seconds from now. Its a regular accelerated game development event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by the community. There are strict rules for the compo: 1] You must work alone (solo). 2] All […]

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